December 1st, 2011

Christmas Colors: There Are No Rules

Ask anyone what the colors of Christmas are and they’ll likely tell you red and green. ‘Tis true, the holiday décor we’ve mostly seen year after year has been red (think Santa) and green (think Christmas trees). Traditional holly branches combine the two and are on display throughout the season. Many people cling to the classic colors for what they represent: tradition. Others have decided on completely different color schemes for decorating their holiday home.


The classic combination of red and green brings back memories of Christmases gone by, with thoughts of the colors and scents of evergreen branches and the vivid red found in peppermint candy canes.



Even if you’re not a fan of the combination of red and green, there’s always the option of picking either red or green and using just that one color in your decorating scheme. If you’re a fan of traditional red, use it against backdrops of white and gray, like these bold poinsettias in classic white urns.



Brown paper packages tied up with red and white string (baker’s twine) are a nod to the classic colors of Santa’s suit and candy canes.


Not a fan of red? Skip it altogether! Choose the verdant shade of Christmas trees instead.  All greens, from forest to apple, pair beautifully with golds of various sheens from matte to shiny.



You can also switch sides and choose silver instead of gold to complement your greenery this season. Pair fresh shades of lime with glittery bulbs and silver candlesticks for a timeless mantel display.



In these modern times, we’re seeing more and more the use of unconventional colors in holiday displays, and it definitely has its allure. There really is no need to stick to the traditional colors of red and green. One of the most beautiful colors to decorate with during Christmas is blue! Blue and silver are the traditional colors of Hanukkah, but they will work well for any winter scene from Christmas to New Year’s too.



Be fearless and mix your blues with both silver and gold. Who says you need to choose one? There are no rules and you can mix your metallics as liberally as you play with nontraditional colors.



Pink is a playful color that looks amazing paired with silver, gold, or both. One of the most effortless ways to decorate for the December holidays is to pile a group of ornaments in varying sizes and colors in an everyday dish. Mix your colors to achieve an unexpected and simple display.




At day’s end, if you’re weary of the intensity of the colors or anxieties of the season, choose no color at all. There’s always the option to skip those saturated hues and opt out of the colorful medleys. Instead choose winter whites such as snowflake motifs which are always elegant against fir or cedar garlands. White is clean and pure, and brings to mind the idea of a fresh start, which we all look forward to every January 1st.



When it comes to decorating with the colors of Christmas, there really are no rules. Consider generations past who have decked their halls with colors in all shades of the rainbow as evidenced by this collection of vintage ornaments.



When you decorate your home this season, don’t believe the notion that you must stick to the traditional colors of red and green at Christmas. Anything goes these days, so pick a color you love, and deck your halls with your preferred shades, whether blue, pink, or red and green. When your home is a reflection of your personal style you’ve truly captured the spirit of the season.

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