October 30th, 2012

Balancing Neutrals With Creativity

When we built our house, we were so tired by the time we got to paint, that I just got a 5 gallon bucket of a random, off-white color, and painted the entire house with it.


The off-white color is too creamy. It never worked well with the lighting in our home, and did not compliment the woodwork and flooring. I never liked it.


Most every room in our home has since been repainted, but our spare bedroom stayed this not-quite-right off-white for years. The uninspiring space became a dumping ground for quick storage, and I dreaded going in that room.



But when I started blogging, I needed a space to work. And I needed that space to both function well and inspire me.



So I painted all of the trim white and painted the walls a silvery gray. The color is cool toned, contrasting much better with the warm toned floor and crisp white trim.



To make the room more functional and appear larger, I hung metal roofing on the far wall. The roofing is also magnetic!



Then I added my favorite off-white desk to the room. I chose it because it lets the wall treatment show through.


I love that in my office, we balanced simple furniture and crisp trim with neutral gray walls and an unexpected twist—a metal wall—to create a creative but functional spot for me to work!

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