July 12th, 2016

8 Reasons to Create a White Living Room


Let’s be honest—white rooms sometimes get a bad rap. “Uninspired,” “flat” and “boring” are three comments I’ve heard about white. Let’s dispel that myth right now. When done well, a white living room can be the perfect choice for your lounge space. Here are eight reasons why white can be just right!

There is not period in paint’s history where white was out of style or dated. Unlike certain colors that tell you a lot about when the color was chosen (I’m looking at you, 1990s maroon!), you never have to worry about being out fashion or behind the trends. White is always in fashion.


Clean Canvas
Perhaps you are thinking “No! No! I love color!” A white living room might just be what you need to set the stage for your colorful collections of furniture and accessories. White has a way of tying an otherwise eclectic mix together beautifully. The wall color fades into the background while the eye is drawn to the details and beauty of the pieces in the room.


Gallery Style
There is a very good reason that most art galleries are painted stark white. They make whatever is hanging on the wall the main event. That technique works on priceless pieces of artwork just as well as your travel snapshot collection or your child’s kindergarten artwork. Use that trick in your own home to highlight your own prized masterpieces.


Enhances Light
If you are fortunate to get plentiful light in your space, white will amplify that brightness and give the whole room a clean, coastal feel.


Creates Depth
If your room has great architecture, moldings or other interesting design elements, painting them all white can create beautiful texture. Think of your space as speaking softly rather than screaming when using white. Don’t forget to use different paint finishes and tones to create even further depth. For example, trim can be painted in a high gloss sheen while walls are painted flat.


Unifies a Variety of Styles
Maybe you don’t want to be tied down to one color palette or style. Or maybe you just haven’t discovered what your individual style is yet. A white room lets you explore and play with a variety of styles without feeling overwhelming.


Creates a Feeling of Space
While not 100% foolproof, a white living room can make the space appear larger when utilized in the right circumstances. A room with good light and low ceilings is a prime candidate. The light will bounce around the room giving the space a more expansive feel while distracting from the low ceilings.


Easy for Open Floor Plans
With so many homes having multiple rooms that can be seen at once, deciding a coordinating paint palette can be intimidating. Painting an entire space white lets you select a color palette for furniture and artwork that is unique to each room but ties together the walls in a way that only white can manage.


I could probably list another 10 reasons why white can be fabulous but I’ll leave it at that. Marshmallow White, Dove White and Nova White are three beautiful whites that I’d recommend trying in your home.


This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.