2014 Color Trends for Home

by Nicole Balch on January 16th, 2014


Let’s talk 2014 color trends for home, shall we? Word around town (well, around the internet) is that fashion and home accessories will be celebrating 2014 as the year of purple. It’s a fun, splashy color, and it would be fun to bring it in with a new throw pillow, art, or curtains. Would any of us really go out and paint our walls that color though? Well, if you were me about a decade ago, yes. I had a purple living and dining room back then in the apartment I shared with my now-husband, and the color is surprisingly on trend for this year!

Orchid Purple Dining Room

photo: Making it Lovely

It’s not for everyone, but if you hear purple calling to you, have fun and go for it! Try Dewy Iris for a similar look or punch it up with Glidden paint’s Orchid Blush.

If you’re looking for something more understated, fear not. Greys (as opposed to browns and beiges) will continue to dominate color trends in 2014, but they’re becoming more nuanced and interesting. Instead of a flat, true grey, they’re skewing more blue or green these days.

Bluish Gray Paint Color

Glidden paint’s Antique Silver and Barely Jade are both beautiful colors to try if you’re a fan of this look. French Grey would be lovely too, if you’re looking for something a little darker. And on the warmer side of the spectrum, Cameo Stone, Warm Caramel, and Driftwood Grey all feel fresh right now. All of these colors can stand in for basic beige or white and act as a neutral backdrop, and they’ll add a bit of interest to your home while keeping it looking current.

2014 Color Trends

What 2014 color trends for home are you leaning toward as we begin this new year? Going bold, or keeping it more restrained?


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