March 31st, 2016

11 Spring-Themed Design Tips


When looking for spring-themed design tips, you may think of the pastel colors of Easter. But if you look beyond those traditional spring colors, you’ll see bright and vivid hues inspired by yellow daffodils, pink tulips, purple hyacinths, blue skies and green grass. Adding these colors to your home makes rooms feel fresh and fun—and it doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive! Here are a few of my favorite spring-themed design tips.

1. Open the windows

After you remove the heavy winter layers from your home, open up the windows to let the fresh air in. You’ll find that this alone will give you the energy and inspiration needed to de-clutter and lighten the look of every room.

Spring Flowers

2. Bring the outdoors in

Being surrounded by natural elements is the easiest way to bring spring into your home. Simply cut flowers from your garden or buy flowers in bulk at your local grocery store or florist, and place them in a vase or pitcher. They will add springtime freshness to any room.

Spring themed design - using mirrors

3. Lighten up

Hang a mirror across from your largest door or window to maximize sunlight. Use Glidden Trim, Door & Furniture to paint the frame a glossy white.

Paint furniture using bright colors of paint

4. Add a cheerful accent piece

Paint a piece of furniture using a bright, happy color like Pacific Coast Blue.

Spring decorating pillow cover swap

5. Do a pillow cover swap

Take the winter blues away by swapping out fabric covers on sofa pillows. You can buy these at many home decorating or craft stores for under $10.

Spring decor updates for the bathroom

6. Use bright linens

Replace neutral-colored towels in your bathroom with ones in a variety of vibrant shades.

Colorful painted furniture for Spring

7. Mix and match

Can’t decide what color to paint a set of furniture? Spring is the best time to try out all your favorite colors.

Paint the ceiling sky blur for Spring decor

Photo taken at HGTV® Dream Home 2016

8. Put color on the ceiling

Paint the ceiling a pale blue like Bastille Blue to resemble the sky. It’ll feel like you’re outside with no ceiling above you.

Display white china and pottery for spring decor

9. Decorate with bright white ceramics

Bring together all your white pottery, vases and pitchers and group them in one place. If you don’t have any, head to your local thrift store to find a bunch for cheap.

Refresh a sofa with colorful pillows and throw blankets

Photo taken at HGTV® Dream Home 2016

10. Bring on the color

Create a casual, colorful family room that sings springtime. Add colorful pillows and throws, and if you have leftover paint from previous projects, use it to paint a colorful abstract canvas for your walls.

spring door wreath

11. Make a spring wreath

Add a festive wreath to your front door that’ll add to the springtime curb appeal of your home. This one was made by simply gluing plastic Easter eggs to a wreath. What’s the first thing you do when freshening your home for spring?

This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.

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