June 1st, 2016

How I Painted a Minecraft-Themed Wall Mural


Making a wall mural makes me happy. But there are two other reasons why I started this project.


Armed with a grid, tape measure, pencil, tape, and paint, it's easier than you think to create a mural. Just takes some math skills and patience.


1. My 7-year-old Jack is obsessed with Minecraft.

2. Now that he’s the ripe age of 7, it’s time we updated his bedroom into a big-boy room.

When we designed his room before he was born, I chose a butter yellow paint color like Glidden’s Butter Cup for the walls and opted for built-ins and a Murphy bed so the room would grow with him and we would just need to update the style to match his interests.

So far, so good. It’s been 7 years, but Jack decided it was time for an update.

He chose Minecraft as his theme and picked out five of his favorite Minecraft mini figures to include in the design makeover. Since I’m a mom who is obsessed with painting patterns and wall murals, this demand made me happy. And it’s a great opportunity to share a few tricks to making a wall mural.

Here’s how I did it:

Step 1. Select something to recreate for your wall mural. It can be a 3D object like a Lego figurine, stuffed animal, pattern or even a flower.


It was fun recreating the Minecraft characters, and it was easy with the Glidden Complete paint. Coverage was so good that I was able to finish faster than I had planned. Bonus.


Step 2. Snap a photo of your 3D object to get a 2D perspective. Make sure to take the picture at an even level from the side you want. In this case, we took pictures of the Minecraft Mini Figures at eye-level from the front.

Step 3. Upload the photo to your computer and place it into a drawing program. You can also use Microsoft Word, which is what I use to layout designs because it’s easy.

Step 4. To begin creating the parameters of your grid, measure the height and length of the area you want to cover. We used inches for our project. Since we want our grid to be in 6×6″ boxes, we measured the height and length of the area and divided each measurement by 6. For example, our project area is 48″ high by 72″ long, so we divided (48/6= 8) and (72/6= 12) to get create a grid with 8 boxes from top to bottom and 12 boxes from right to left.

Step 5. Create your grid in the drawing program you’re using. In my example, I would have 96 total boxes (8×12= 96)

Step 6. Place your image on the grid and make sure to format the image so it is on top of the grid. I always line up the image so the big breaks are on intersections of the grid. This will save you time when you start painting the details later.

Step 7. Print out the image and tape it to the wall with painter’s tape for reference.

Step 8. Lay out your grid with a tape measure, pencil and level. Be sure to keep a white eraser handy. (It’s the best for removing pencil marks without leaving too much evidence of graphite.) Try to only make marks where you know you’ll be covering with painter’s tape.

Step 9. Using the grid as a guide, start laying out the image. If you need to break the boxes into smaller chunks, print out a new copy then do math while keeping track of where you are on your grid.


After painting each of the Minecraft heads on the wall, I went back to add details, like the eyes of the Wither. The Wither is Grey Metal, and I used the semi-gloss version of the paint color to make the eyes seem mysterious and slightly visible. It's how the little figure looks in the game, too.


Step 10. Apply painter’s tape and start painting. For a clean line, carefully remove the tape as soon as you’re done applying paint. I peel the tape at an angle, which seems to achieve the best lines. This method of tape removal helps create a little paint ridge that works great to keep the soon-to-be neighbor paint color from bleeding.


Timing is everything when removing tape. Either remove the tape after the paint initally sets up, or wait until it's dry. And peel the tape at an angle when removing it.


After finishing the Minecraft wall mural, my little supervisor was delighted. And he has a few ideas on how to add even more Minecraft mojo to his bedroom.

Ready to paint a wall mural? Choose your object and find the perfect Glidden paint colors to get started.


This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.