April 23rd, 2012

Do Nursery Colors Affect Sleep Habits?

As soon as you find out that you are expecting, you suddenly have a world’s worth of choices to make. Should you go with a doctor or a midwife? Is it okay to eat a turkey sub from the deli? Is it a bad idea to highlight your hair?


In my experience, the choices got easier when I was expecting my second child. I didn’t worry so much about all of the “what ifs,” and I spent more time enjoying being pregnant. It was a fun time to spend with my son, as he got increasingly more and more excited about his sister-to-be.


But honestly, the one choice that didn’t get any easier for me the second time around was the nursery design. Zack’s nursery centered around a cutesy theme of dogs flying airplanes. I bought the whole bedding kit and caboodle—the crib skirt, the fitted sheet, the bumper, the mobile, the quilt, the diaper stacker. As it turned out, I never really used any of that stuff, other than the crib skirt and fitted sheet, so I knew I wanted to do it differently with Emma’s room.


So instead of looking for a cutesy crib bedding set to purchase, I decided to think of the room in terms of color. As you know, my normal style includes a lot of vibrant color and bold patterns, but all I could think about for this baby was neutral and serene colors. Zack’s room was quite bold, and he was a horrible sleeper. Just horrible! He didn’t sleep through the night until he was about a year old. I wanted nothing more than for the new baby to be a 180-degree turn from those horrible, tear-filled nights. Are baby’s sleep habits tied to color choice? I honestly have no idea, but I figured it was worth a shot.


Even before I knew that I was having a daughter, I decided to put together a room in shades of antique white and greige (a combination of gray and beige). I’d mix in a few pink or blue accents depending upon the gender of the baby. I wanted a very sweet, vintage feel, so I put together a room plan that would work for either a boy or a girl. I would add crown molding and chair rail to the room for architectural interest. The top half of the room would be painted in my chosen shade of white (similar to Glidden’s Crisp Linen White), and the bottom half would be a warm greige (similar to Glidden’s Wood Smoke).


When we found out that we were having a daughter, I took the design a bit further into girly territory (I couldn’t help it!), and I ended up with a lovely, calming environment for Miss Emma.


I added vintage touches, such as framed dresses that my mother wore as a baby, and created a bed crown from an antique fireplace mantle. I spray painted the changing table that my neighbor had given us for Zack’s room, sewed a slipcover for a wooden rocking chair, and made a tiered bed skirt from vintage table linens.



Although this style is a definite departure for me, I think it was the right choice for my Emma.


You’re wondering how she sleeps in that serene room, aren’t you? Did those calm colors do the trick? Well, I must brag that she is a dream. I can put her in her crib wide awake, and she’ll put herself to sleep for a nap. She’s been sleeping through the night since she was about four weeks old. Don’t hate me. Just love the colors.

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