January 7th, 2016

How to Decorate a Bedroom in Calm Colors


I love a bold color palette, but when it comes to bedrooms, I’m more drawn to calm colors. Creamy neutrals, soft greys and quiet blues are my go-to choices for sleeping spaces. My own bedroom is an example of the type of wall color I’m drawn to, and I used it as a jumping off point to play around with a few other options for a similarly restful look.


Bedroom Painted in Glidden


First up is Misty Evening Silver from Glidden paint, inspired by my bedroom wall color. It’s a lovely grey/blue that I’ve found to be completely versatile. It even pairs nicely with pink, a nod to the two colors that are supposed to be big for the upcoming year.


Bedroom Painted in Glidden


Antique White is warmer than stark white, but still light and fresh. Paired with ivory linens, the look goes classic or country (depending on your furniture). Paired with bright white bedding, it’s an airy palette that leans more modern.


Bedroom Painted in Glidden


If you feel cozier in a bedroom with a darker wall color (but not too dark), Old Monterey Grey is a fantastic color to try.

Complement any of these paint choices with simple (but beautiful) bedding in calm colors. The best part about decorating this way is that it works with a huge variety of styles. I’m partial to antique-inspired wooden beds, but upholstered beds are wonderful too. Here are a few ideas to pull it all together.


Decorating a Bedroom in Calm Colors


  1. Misty Evening Silver (Glidden paint)
  2. Antique White (Glidden paint)
  3. Old Monterey Grey (Glidden paint)
  4. White Ceramic Lamp
  5. Upholstered Bed
  6. Grey and White Bedding
  7. White Nightstand with Drawers
  8. Painted Four Poster Bed
  9. Fluffy Shag Pillow
  10. Damask Printed Pillow
  11. White Linen Bedding


This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.