A Neutral Chameleon of a Bedroom

Our bedroom was a sort of dingy off-white when my husband and I moved into our home. I knew I wanted to paint, but I like the idea of a neutral bedroom (so that I can change it up with different bedding and curtains), so I chose a creamy taupe for the walls. I also painted the dated wood trim a crisp white.



The color wasn’t a radical change, but it felt clean and fresh. Ripping out the nasty old carpet and installing a dark bamboo floor certainly helped too! The room looked lovely, and I liked it a lot for a long time.



The bedroom went through many changes, all while keeping the wall color the same.



After a few years though, I was ready for a change. I wanted a darker, cozier bedroom. A charcoal gray wall color would be more masculine and play better against the feminine touches I tend to like. My style was changing, and I was ready to update the room to better reflect it.



And I still have that neutral backdrop that lets me change the room by just changing the bedding.



The charcoal gray color was taken up onto the ceiling too. It gives the room that cozy feeling I was hoping for, without feeling too dark. Perfect.