December 19th, 2011

What’s Hot Now?

Photo from Making it Lovely


Did you hear? The color of the year for 2012 is orange! A fiery hot red-orange. So how do you work color trends like this into a home? Especially when it’s such a bold color? I’ll give you a few tips and examples.


I used to own a chair that was upholstered with a floral fabric in vibrant orange. I like to live with a lot of color, and I find that the trick is to vary the intensity so the colors complement one another, rather than compete. In my living room, the chair played nicely with soft pink walls.


Photo from Making it Lovely


The chair went equally well with muted purple walls in my former apartment. (“Muted” means that the color was toned down with some gray or brown in it). Royal purple looks great with fiery orange too, but it would be better in small doses as an accent, like pillows.


There are ways to make bold colors work on the walls as well. Dining rooms and powder rooms are particularly well suited to strong color, though you may want to make the furnishings more subdued. You can also add an accent wall to any room for instant impact.


Another way to introduce bold color is to let the walls act as the supporting character to stronger-colored furniture and accessories. In my home, the room that now serves as a nursery was a guest room in its former life. The daybed was upholstered in a bold orange hue, and I picked up on that by sewing curtains out of patterned fabric that had a little of the same shade. The walls went neutral in a taupe/gray, but the room still read as colorful because of the furniture and fabric choices.


Photo from Making it Lovely


And of course, if orange isn’t your thing, you can use these ideas with any bold or trendy color. Complement the color with a softer or muted shade, go big and use it on the walls for impact, or bring it in via furniture and accessories with neutral paint.