October 7th, 2016

Nine Soothing Bathroom Paint Colors


For any makeover, choosing the right bathroom paint colors can be challenging. Often you’ll approach a project with one color in mind, but it will take several samples to determine which one is the best. Recently, I worked with a friend to upgrade a bathroom at his local business. The old pedestal sink and mirror looked tired, and the entire space needed a fresh coat of paint. This is a windowless bathroom so it was challenging to get a good picture, but you can see pictures of the upgraded space below. A new vanity, mirror and fresh coat of paint made a big difference.


bathroom before

reflecting pool

Knowing the new vanity would be dark wood, I thought a pale grey-blue would complement best for the bathroom. I tried out six different Glidden samples on the wall, including Oriental Ivory, Jade Frost and four others, but settled on a grey-blue similar to Glidden Misty Evening Silver. It had the just the right amount of blue and it’s perfect as the backdrop for the dark vanity and silver framed mirror. You can find the colors mentioned in the Glidden paint fan deck at your local Walmart or Home Depot.


paint samples

It’s always important to test samples on the wall, and observe how they look as the light changes throughout the day. Glidden makes it easy to do this with their sample pots. It’s always better to invest a few dollars in samples than buy a gallon and regret it later. Skipping test samples, you risk having bought an entire gallon and not being happy.

Bathroom paint colors, like in any other space, can be bold and dark, or pale and soothing. I’ve painted small powder rooms in dark hues before and been pleased with the dramatic effect. However, in most bathrooms, I tend to opt for paler hues, often a taupe, gray, pale blue or green. Below are nine beautiful and soothing paint colors you might consider for a bathroom refresh.



bathroom paint colors

Ethereal Blue / Oxford Blue / Tropical Surf / Glacier Lake / Skater’s Pond / White Lagoon / Opal Silk Green / Oriental Ivory / Softest Juniper


This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts and opinions are my own.