August 19th, 2016

Timeless Tips for Your Master Bathroom


One of the struggles of renovation and design is the delicate balance between incorporating elements that are on-trend versus making more timeless choices. Nowhere is that more critical than in a space full of expensive fixtures like the bathroom. While bathrooms of all color palettes can be beautiful, the timeless nature of black and white works so perfectly in a bath that it’s a great color palette to use when in doubt.

So what makes black and white so timeless?

For starters, the appearance of cleanliness is paramount and nothing conveys that better than gleaming stark white. When you add black for contrast, it makes white seem even whiter! Even if a black and white bathroom isn’t perfectly clean, it appears more so because of the stark contrast of color. And who couldn’t use a visual hand in making their house seem cleaner?

Moving on to more practical matters we have the issue of fixtures to consider. Second to the kitchen, the bathroom tends to eat the most dollars per square foot (thanks to those pieces that stay put). Over decades, the trends of colorful ceramic toilets and tubs have come and gone but no matter how dated a white fixture is, it retains its appeal. In fact, older white bath fixtures can be hot commodities in architectural salvage sales because of their classic style and durability. When investing in fixtures, white is right.

And let’s not forget decorative elements! You will have greater freedom in choosing from the widest possible selection of tile, lighting and accessories than sticking with a black and white color scheme. And with a strong color palette to guide your decisions, choosing will be much easier. Anyone who has faced a wall of tile choices scratching their head can appreciate how much that simple decisions helps.

Finally, the last element to cinch the look is paint. You’ve been making timeless choices throughout the bathroom renovation, now its time to be a little bolder. Use a rich black paint like Deep Onyx paired with Dove White to really bring out the white fixtures, tiles and accessories. Add a stack of white fluffy towels and a jar of Q-tips and you’ll have a completely pulled together look that not only incorporates trendiness, but was easy to pull off.



Timeless Black and White Bathroom Decor Board


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