May 9th, 2016

Masculine Paint Colors: The Key to Budget-Friendly Luxury


If you’re looking to create a sophisticated, on-trend style without maxing out your budget, consider my new favorite design style that I call masculine luxe—a style achievable with masculine paint colors that may surprise you.

Masculine luxe goes beyond the stereotypical man cave look—full of repurposed car tires, beer kegs, and sports memorabilia. This style combines sleek metallics, clean-lines, retro decor, natural finishes and a soothing color palette to achieve sophisticated luxury.

Wood tones, creams and blacks rule in the masculine luxe world. Bold color is a no-no, but if it must be used, keep it to a minimum. Colors like Cherry Red work as simple, effective accents.

The purpose of masculine luxe is to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, while simultaneously capturing the vibe of an exclusive cocktail bar.

Let me share a few images from a recent basement makeover we completed. To evoke the style of masculine luxe, we used masculine paint colors that tied all of the decor and furnishings together.

I hope you enjoy our interpretation.




Masculine luxe shower

This shower captures the essence of both nature and technology. The Southern Pine wood walls give the room a nautical look, while the grey ombre of the shower gives the space a sense of modernity. The high-tech fixtures and shower head pull the entire look together, adding sophistication to this sleek and modern space. Consider using masculine paint colors like Palest Morning Blue, Skater’s Pond, and Crystal Clear White to reach the same balance.




Masculine luxe door repurpose

When we replaced our 110-year-old entry door a few years ago, I hoarded it with the goal of reusing it in another room and the man cave seemed like a perfect fit—especially with the door’s charming mail slot. We repurposed the door for the bathroom, hung it on sliding hardware, frosted the glass and stenciled ‘No. 1/2′ on the glass. The salvaged wood shelves were designed and built by my husband and DIY partner Mark, who’s a fanatic about salvaged and live edge wood. The masculine paint colors are coy in this view. To get the look, try Glidden’s Drifting Snow and Light Blue Dusk for the walls and ceiling.




Masculine luxe lighting with a retro look

The masculine luxe sconce lighting in this man cave bathroom is everything to me. With the open bulbs and the clean-lined, delicate yet-strong metallic cages, this fixture is the perfect example of masculine luxe. To further ground the lighting in this bathroom, I added a graphic cityscape. The dark colors give this bathroom the drama of a room I’d imagine in a retro jazz club or martini-cigar lounge. As far as colors go, I wouldn’t go all the way to the blackest black, but consider Glidden’s Deep Onyx to get a similar feel.

Masculine luxe is the perfect style choice for any man cave and it’s easier to achieve than you’d think. With a few coats of paint and a couple decor swaps, you can transform any space into a sophisticated den of luxury. And the best part? These updates won’t break the bank.


This post is sponsored by Glidden® paint, a PPG brand. All thoughts, opinions and paintbrushes are my own.

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