A Budget Bathroom Makeover

When my husband and I bought our house, we thought we’d redo the bathroom right away. It was an odd design mishmash of blue fixtures from the sixties and a bad tiling job from the seventies. Then we moved in, realized that the kitchen needed more attention, and we spent our renovation money there. But our bathroom was still so ugly!


A full renovation was no longer in the cards for us, but I decided to see how far paint and a small budget of $250 would take us. I started by making some mockups in Photoshop, because I like to do that sometimes to play around with ideas.



I didn’t like options 7 or 8 (the ones with the vanity painted blue), but I had a hard time deciding between the others. I went with a bright, clear aqua (similar to Tropical Lagoon) at first.



It was a pretty color, but I didn’t like it in the space. It was too matchy-matchy with the blue fixtures in the space and the blue towels and bath mat I’d added. Luckily, paint is an easy thing to change! Next I went with a pale green (like Cool Cucumber). Much better. I also switched out the medicine cabinet for a round mirror, and changed the lighting above it.




I painted the vanity and the trim white, then finished off the bathroom with cute, colorful accessories. It came in under the $250 budget, and so much better than where the room started!