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Lavender goes with…?

Categories: Bedrooms, ColorJanuary 30, 2012

Sunloving wrote:

I am painting my bedroom. I know I want to paint it a light lavender. I want an accent wall of another color and to paint the ceiling a color also, not white.  the room is 14 by 14. One wall has two evenly spaced windows.  The opposite wall is where our bed is.  The other two side walls both have a door to a closet and a door to exit.

Diane answered:

I think any room with lavender in it will look beautiful, it is my favorite color and I have some shade of it in every room of my house.    It can be such a soothing and vibrant color at the same time. You don’t say if you want your room to be light and airy or bold and dark.  I put together a few options for you to consider as lavender – any shade goes with quite a few colors. I am guessing since you signed your name Sunloving, that you like more light and airy colors. 


You stated that you want 3 colors - walls, accent wall, and ceiling. No matter what scheme you go with – I would choose your favorite shade of light lavender first for the 3 walls. Then choose the accent color - this should be a bolder color than the lavender and place that on the wall that your bed is on.  For the ceiling choose the lightest color.  


If you want to go for a monochromatic or one color scheme, choose the color lavender you like and then choose a darker shade on the same color strip for the accent wall. The lightest color on the strip could go on the ceiling.  


If you want to complement the light lavender and add some color contrast to your room, look no further than the color wheel. You will see that the color purple in all its shades and tones is across from yellow/ orange / and green. Whatever shade of lavender you choose – picking one or two shades of these colors would create a pleasing look paired with lavender. For a sun loving look you could choose the light lavender on the 3 walls, a tangerine for the accent wall and a light yellow on the ceiling.  I personally think lavender looks best when paired with light chartreuse.  You could use a bolder shade of it on the accent wall and a pale shade on the ceiling.


Since the blue and purple families share some of the same color components pairing light lavender with light blue works beautifully.  It is a natural pairing that can be light and airy. If you want to add more contrast – add a light green to the mix. Think of lavender growing in the fields of Provence or purple colored flowers with green leaves in your garden against the blue sky.  


I played with some paint chips I had to give you a few examples of even more possibilities. From bright and cheery to bold and dark.   The key to creating a pleasing mix is to pick the other two colors within the same shade or tone of the lavender you choose.  Example: Don’t use muddied/grayed lavender with bright yellow.  Use a toned down shade of yellow with it. 


Yellow and Orange will be bright, vibrant, and cheery.



Grey –Muted and calming.  Pink – Fresh and young.



Green can be vibrant as well as soothing.  Black will add sophistication.



Brown is modern, bold, and will add drama to your room.


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