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Paint is the Perfect Solution

Categories: Color, Kitchens, Painting Tips, Project PlanningNovember 6, 2012

KJ wrote:

We recently bought a house with an outdated kitchen. While we wait to save the money to remodel it properly, we want to spruce it up with some paint. The kitchen is relatively small (approx. 10' x 10', I'd guess) with counters that are brick/maroon;  cabinets and walls that are white/off-white; appliances that are true white; and bleached (whitish) wood floors. None of the whites match. I'd like to paint the cabinets and walls so they work with the existing maroon counter, white appliances and light floors.

I'm open to anything, but I was thinking neutrals -- something darker on the cabinets to contrast with floors and appliances, and something light/neutral on the walls because the space is smaller. The kitchen has one "window" that passes through to an addition, as a result it doesn't get any direct sunlight, but it does get a lot of indirect natural light. I'd love to hear your color suggestions for the walls and cabinets.

Melissa answered:

Hi KJ!

I think paint is the perfect solution for a quick and inexpensive fix to make your kitchen work for you while you wait for the more ideal remodel! My advice in a small dated kitchen is to go with white cabinets and walls. The all white palette unifies everything and makes the overall space feel larger. It would also distract you from any features or imperfections you don't like and make the entire kitchen feel fresher, cleaner and brighter. Here is a post I did featuring some white kitchens that might inspire you. You could bring in color and pattern with accessories, like a colorful throw rug or even a really fun modern print curtain at the kitchen window. 

If you prefer a little more contrast, you could choose a soft color for your walls or cabinets. I have Polished Limestone from Glidden on the walls in my kitchen and it is a beautiful soft blue gray. I think that color might be pretty with your countertops!

Good luck and have fun fixing up your kitchen!

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