August 27, 2015

Interior Color Options for a Victorian-Era Home

Bambi Writes: I have a living room with a red brick, arched accent wall that leads to our basement. I'm completely stumped for a wall color! My couch is dark brown leather and we have a hunter green leather recliner (would love to replace that, but can't at this time.) The house is old (it was built in the 1800's) and the walls are plaster. There are two standard windows, so there isn’t much natural light. There is also a wainscoting on the lower half with a chair rail. I love color, but I prefer warm and inviting as opposed to cool. The walls are a darker tan right now. Boring and dark. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
August 7, 2015

What shade should I choose to complement peach and gray for a bedroom?

Kathy Writes: We have painted my 16y/o niece's room peach daiquari and painted trim Gray Tweed. Can you suggest a bold color for accents. We are considering painting her dresser and would appreciate your help with color choice.  See Answer From Jennifer Hadfield »
July 10, 2015

Paint Brush Tip for Painting Your Interior Efficiently

warren Writes: I am painting my interior with different colors.  How can I do that without letting the brushes and rollers take hours to dry? I am painting with latex paint in two shades of white and two shades of grey. Thanks a bunch! See Answer From Melissa Michaels »
July 6, 2015

Nice and Neutral

Jessica Writes: I want to repaint my living room but am having a hard time choosing a nice neutral color. The furniture is dark wood and the floors are medium toned, but the problem is my couch and loveseat; they are a reddish brown color (henna). The room is painted gold now but it is way too dark and this room does not have much natural light. I am also hoping to bring the color into my kitchen. The cabinets there are an orangey oak color (planning on repainted them white someday). Is there a color that would work in both rooms? Thanks! See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
June 22, 2015

An Easy and Affordable Way of Revamping Your Kitchen

Michelle Writes: Hi! I know you have had this question before but I need help. We have just bought a home and I really want to paint the cabinets. I have a dark cherry floor, white appliances, and the countertops are a brownish, grey, cream granite. We are not able to replace the appliances at this time, so I would like to paint the cabinets to bring the color scheme together. The cabinets are currently the standard oak color. There is not any backsplash right now but we would like to get started on that we decide on the cabinet color. Thank you for any advice you can give us. See Answer From Eduardo Rodriguez »
June 22, 2015

A Big Trend in Kitchen Design

Paul Writes: I have an old kitchen with white appliances, odd blue laminate counteracts, light blue walls. I would like to paint my old white cabinets, but I’m not sure what color I should shoot for. I was considering keeping the top cabinets white and paint the lower portion. I am thinking about a grey color or maybe a dark brown. I definitely need some advice!  Thanks.  See Answer From Eduardo Rodriguez »
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