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Olive Love

Categories: ColorFebruary 14, 2012

Mollie wrote:

I used My Colortopia and got some colors I really like. The great thing about the internet is you can Google your color and see someone who has put it up in their house, but of course, I can't find mine!  I'm looking for a picture using Dark Olive 40YY 08/107. Do you have any pictures using that color (it paired it with soothing green tea 70YY 55/299, which I found, but would love to see them together) Thank you!

Diane answered:

Hi Mollie-

You have done your pre-painting homework. A+! Your inspiration image feels rustic and woodsy to me and I think the colors that you are considering will look fine. I searched around to try to find some examples of how the actual two colors you want to use will look together, but could not find any except for the one below.   




Dark Olive is a dramatic color and as you can see from the chip above that it goes perfectly with Soothing Green Tea. They complement each other well and create a dramatic, yet soothing color palette. My next step would be to buy sample jars of each color along with two sheets of Dollar Store foam board. Paint one color on each board and then place them in the corner of the room where you plan on using them. The size of the foam board will give you a pretty good feel for how the colors will look in the room together as well as with your available light.

When I was searching I did find a few olive painted rooms over on Apartment Therapy. They are not exactly the shade of Dark Olive you want to use, but I think seeing the photos may give you confidence in your choice.  



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