April 17, 2015

Cohesive Colors That Flow Room to Room

karah Writes: My husband and I are in the process in painting the first floor in our new home.  We have started by painting the office candlestick silver (1 window and sits below the formal living room).  From there, we are overwhelmed what colors to use for the formal living room {(1 door and 1window; doorway into the kitchen on one end and a doorway into the family room (4 windows in family room; 1 doorway to the formal living, 2 doorways to the entrway) on the other end)}which leads to the kitchen(bay window, 1door, and 1 window; 1 doorway to formal on 1 end and 1 doorway into dining room) .  From the kitchen leads to the dining room ( 4 windows; 1 doorway to kitchen and other doorway to the entryway). All rooms are long.  The floor plan is not open, hence all the doorways (but not closed off). We want the colors to flow well.  We had the idea to use fossil grey in the formal living room and deep iron creek in the family room.  Do these flow well?  What color should the kitchen be?  Help!  Completely overwhelmed!  See Answer From Diane Henkler »
April 15, 2015

Bright and Sophisticated

deb Writes: Hi there.  I hope you can help. We have a 24 x 24 family room. The room has oak pine floors and pine trim (honey pine color).  French doors w/stationary glass next to them 16 ft. long total length. Floor to ceiling wall of glass again pine trim as well as 3 windows trimmed in pine. Our colors, (maroon) accents with black leather furniture, dark and med wood coffee table/accent tables and a bit of Gold. A very pretty wall unit also in oak 15 ft long. open shelves and some doors for collectibles etc. Wall Paint a is light cream and boring. There's a corner hearth/cream colored wood stove as well. Please give us an idea of color to paint this room. We tried different light and med browns paints, but it seems to be too much brown and blends in. Lots of wood which we like and we don't want to pain the trim. We framed the trim with maroon colored curtains on the doors and windows, but the large floor to ceiling glass cannot have any curtains. It comes down to alot of wood that just blends in with the wall unless we paint it cream which looks good but very boring.   thanks so much hope to hear from you Deb   See Answer From Eduardo Rodriguez »
April 15, 2015

Trim that Pops

sherry Writes: I painted my living room top 2/3 a Woodlawn green and a brown on the bottom 1/3. What color should I paint the trim? See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
April 14, 2015

Neutral Wall Color With Bold Carpet

Bridgette Writes: My bedroom carpet is a dark shade of purple and my furniture is a light shade of tan. Any suggestion on colors for the walls? See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
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April 13, 2015

Bold White can Highlight

Steffanie Writes: My husband and I recently purchased my childhood home. There are great features we do not want to change:  Gorgeous rough slate floors with all kinds of colors (browns, greys, golds, greens, everything). There is also a reddish brick fireplace. The space is large with vaulted ceilings and contains the living room, dining room, entry and kitchen. I have always been drawn towards cool colors but I know I have to pivot because of the natural features in the home that I don't intend to change.  I have been looking at Beiges, Warm Greys and "Greiges."  I think that is a good base color but I get stuck with accent colors.  I want a whole house palette that flows.  Any ideas based on these features?  I can send pictures.   I am lucky because my husband is a commercial paint contractor so he will indulge all of my paint sample requests. See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »
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April 13, 2015

When in Doubt, Go with Grey

sierra Writes: I bought a house that has vaulted ceiling in the living room. As soon as you walk in the house you have the stairs and you can see the living room, dining room and kitchen. Its a very open floor plan. You can also see part of the hallway wall. I really would like to paint but i have no idea of what colors will look good together. I have kids so really don't want anything to light. I have two windows in the living room and the dining has 3 bay windows. And kitchen has one over the sink.  See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »