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Decorating a Rental

Jenny wrote:

Having a hard time choosing colors for living room/dining room area. Small rectangular space and would like it to feel bigger. Couches are a floral print with dusty rose, dusty blues, sage greens, and creams. Carpet is an awful tan/brown. Living room also has red brick fire place that I do not want to paint over. Do not like red, orange, and yellow. Ceiling is flat white, no trim, and heavily textured that cannot be removed or recolored. I am a little afraid of anything but white. We want a change and I'm too chicken to choose on my own. Live in a very out dated rental with full permission to do as we wish but I don't want to get too carried away. Please help with suggestions. Thank you.

Lindsay answered:

Hi Jenny,

Decorating a rental always provides a unique set of challenges, but I’m so glad that you get to make some choices!  If I were you, I’d focus only on wall color and not look at doing anything that adds a big expense.  Make sure the majority of changes can be things that you take with you if and when you move.Read More >>

Matching Paint with Existing Furniture


The previous owners painted their accent wall a burnt orange. We matched our furniture (dark brown) to go with that color...now I'm tired of it. What color do you suggest? I would like a lighter color. The other walls are an off white/ light beige color.

See answer from Kate Riley >>

Matching with Dark Green


What are the best colors for a family room with dark green carpet? The room has crown molding and a chair rail that I want to be bright white.

See answer from Diane Henkler >>

Going to Tahiti


We are remodeling the master bath and I would like the overall feel to be Tahiti...tropics....We will have natural elements...shower with pebble floor, sea shells above the tub and a gray wood vanity.  The floor will be browns and we will have a bamboo room divide. My question is how many bright colors can I paint the walls and have it still flow together?  I would like to do a Caribbean Sea by the tub, and New Grass Green above the vanity, a sky blue for the ceiling, and pops of red or fuchsia (topical flower colors)?  What color could the other walls be to tie it all together?  Will there be too many colors?  Please help us relax in Tahiti when we enter the bathroom.

Thank You

See answer from Eduardo Rodriguez >>
Categories: Bathrooms, Color

Warming Up a Dark Room


I need your help!

My family will be moving soon and I want to paint my new room a different color than the one I have now.

We haven't selected a house, so I have no idea on the amount of light the room will receive or how big it will be. However, I want a light, airy look, with pops of color.

The problem is, my bed is black cast iron, my desk and side table are glass-topped with black metal legs, and my desk chair is also black. Airy? Anything but!

These items absolutely must stay in the room, though I can decorate with paintings/accessories any way I want. My sheets are baby blue, and I have an ancient quilt my great-grandmother sewed that is checkered pastel pink, green, white, and blue, but the quilt is very faded (not bright at all). 

One more thing. My room is for relaxing, reading, and writing. It should be soothing but inspiring too.

Thank you for helping in any way!

See answer from Erika Ward >>
Categories: Bedrooms, Color

Color for an Open Concept Living Space


We are building a house and have decided to go with black cabinets and gray/white granite in kitchen.  We are having trouble deciding what color to paint the kitchen and living room since it will be an open concept.

See answer from Nicole Balch >>
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