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Neutral with a Pop of Color!

Terri wrote:

I'm painting my granddaughter's room. She has bed covering with white background and teal, pink mustard, and lime green large flowers. Not overwhelming pattern. She likes teal and I'm looking for a neutral color for her room. The room is kind of shabby chic. I want to paint one wall and her bathroom teal.


Thank you!


Michael answered:

You sound like such a fun Grandma, Terri! What a great project for your and your granddaughter to share together. Without question, I would say that Glidden’s Stone White would be the perfect neutral color for your walls. It’s really going to let the colors your granddaughter loves be the star of the space. Using this neutral, but still bright and airy background color will allow you to have fun with furnishings and accessories. I’m not sure if you already have a teal color in mind. If not, take a look at Glidden’s True Turquoise and Minty Green. Depending on whether you want more green or more blue tones in the final color, I think either of these would be a great option for your accent wall and bathroom color. Have fun and happy painting! Read More >>

Categories: Bedrooms, Color

The In Between


We just bought a new house that has wallpaper everywhere! Our plan is to take down the wallpaper and repaint the whole house. We have a galley kitchen that has blonde cabinets with white tiles for the backsplash and floor. We are going to put in stainless steel appliances when we move in. We will update the kitchen to dark brown cabinets and white granite, but won't do that for another year. But we want to repaint now because I can't handle the wallpaper! What colors would go well with the blonde/white dated cabinets now that will still work with our updated kitchen later. I would prefer not to paint twice! I like reds and greens or even a sunrise color, but not sure if that would mesh well with the cabinets. If I do a bold color in the kitchen, what other colors would go well in the adjoining dining room and lounge?

Thanks for your advice - I need the help!


See answer from Lindsay Ballard >>
Categories: Color, Kitchens

Wall Colors for Open Floor Plans



I have an open floor living/dining room that I want to repaint (basically one room separated by a hallway). I'd like to pick two colors and paint an accent wall in living and dining room (largest wall in the dining room and the wall with fireplace in the living room). What colors should I pick as base and accent colors? My couch is white, coffee table, shelf and dining room table are chocolate brown, and the rug and couch pillows are light grey.

I would like to stick with warm or neutral colors since the rest of my apartment in painted with warm colors, but I will consider cooler colors as well. Thanks!



See answer from Melissa Michaels >>

Kitchen Conundrum


If I have maple wood cabinets in my kitchen and blue pearl granite counter tops and blue granite floor with stain steel appliances what color should I paint the walls?

From: Jules



See answer from Kate Riley >>
Categories: Color, Kitchens

Complementing Bright Colors


I have a large (15' x 30') living room with a high celling that is in need of a color renovation (currently all white).  There is a large 15' opening into the dining room, which has already been painted a yellow/orange with an accent wall of red/orange. I love this room but am afraid of painting the larger living room and making the dining room look terrible, in comparison to each other.

What colors would be a good choice to flow from one room to the next? I don't want the SAME color and was thinking of a blue or green. I am not scared of colors at all - in fact I love them - but I don't want my home to look like a giant color wheel when you walk in! Please help.



See answer from Nicole Balch >>

Choosing Colors that Go With Terra Cotta Floors and Oak Trim


My interior is in desperate need of painting but I have absolutely no idea what color to use so I remain paralyzed. I have a large house and the floors are terra cotta in the hallway (which constitutes a large area) and then hardwood in the TV room and living room and terra cotta in my kitchen. As my house has large openings between the rooms the terra cotta is seen from everywhere. I love the terra cotta but have a lot of oak trim in that pink oak that has a pinkish yellow undertone. There is trim at the top of the wall and ceiling, large oak baseboards and solid trim facing all of the openings to the various rooms, plus large double oak doors leading in to my bedroom and single oak doors leading to all upstairs rooms. It would be a massive undertaking and very expensive to have the trim stained another color. The walls are currently a dark grey blue that I am so tired of. My furniture is pine antique. I have a brown leather coach in the TV room and I am ready for a new coach in the living room. Any color suggestions for my walls?

See answer from Diane Henkler >>
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