October 27, 2014

Adding Color and Contrast

Brooke Writes: I am starting over in a new state with lots of sunlight, antique white furniture, cream floors, a brass bed, and a pale pink & white love seat. HELP! I am going for white plantation shutters, but what do I paint the walls?  I think I'd like to go bold. See Answer From Kate Riley »
October 27, 2014

Color in Community Spaces

Annette Writes: I have a living room and kitchen combo which just has a half wall to separate the two rooms. The living room and kitchen have no windows and the kitchen floor and counter top are white. The rug in living room is beige and the two rooms have vaulted ceilings. Should I paint both rooms the same color or two different colors? Help please! See Answer From Kate Riley »
October 22, 2014

Painting a Split Foyer Home

Crystal Writes: I am in the process of renovating my split foyer home. I am having trouble picking out paint colors for the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bath. The living room has one window and limited lighting. The kitchen is small with one window, while the master bedroom is kind of small with two windows. Lastly, the bathroom is small with one window. What types of colors would look best in these situations?  Thank You! See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
October 22, 2014

Vibrant Paint for Neutral Furniture

Anonymous Writes: My daughter is 14 and wants her bedroom painted again. All her furniture is of buff color, and she has two windows on two walls. One of the walls is covered with cupboards. Can you suggest what color should I get her walls painted? See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
Categories: Bedrooms, Color
October 22, 2014

Ruled by Red?

Gail Writes: My question is that my living space and dining area are red, so what color should I paint my kitchen? Also, should I tie my laundry room in with the kitchen or my den? See Answer From Erika Ward »
October 22, 2014

Cabinets in Camouflage

Theresa Writes: I am building a sewing/quilt studio.  It is rather small - about 12 x28 ft. I thought I would paint the walls Glidden Cool Cucumber or a similar shade. What other colors for the cabinets and trim would you suggest? Since this room is so small, I would like to make it look larger.     See Answer From Erika Ward »