September 8, 2014

Warm Paint Colors To Coordinate with Australian Cypress Flooring

Ruth Writes: What color of paint could I use in my living room if I have Australian Cypress floors (has an orange tint to it).  I would like a warm color not a cool color like grey or taupe.  Any help you give me would be greatly appreciated. My husband and daughter like spa like green colors, beiges and earthy colors.   Thanks. See Answer From Diane Henkler »
September 8, 2014

Lightening Up a Cave-Like Space

Amy Writes: I have a very small living/kitchen area in my home. There is one double window in the living area and one small window and a sliding glass door in the kitchen area. My furniture is very neutral (beige) and my cabinets are white. The walls are currently a darker blue, but it makes the room feel like a cave. Any suggestions on a color that would lighten up the room, but not make it feel like it is all the same color? My new curtains are a medium gray and I would like to keep those. See Answer From Melissa Michaels »
August 20, 2014

Getting Light Right

Fay Writes: I have a mountain cabin that's being completely redone due to water damage and then sold.  I want light neutral walls and trim in 'popular' colors.  I thought about antique beige (walls) and crisp linen white (trim) or eloquent ivory (walls) and parchment white (trim), but the ivory looks far yellower on your web site than the paint chip. The rooms are small so I’d like them to look larger.  Flooring will be a mix of carpet, wood, ceramic and all would blend with beige/cream colors.  Any suggestions?  Thanks! See Answer From Kate Riley »
August 20, 2014

Porch Panache

Ellen Writes: The color of my house is cottage creme and my shutters are dark green and I am looking for a color to paint my porch to compliment these colors. The porch is wood and never been painted. What colors would you recommend?  See Answer From Kate Riley »
Categories: Color, Painting Tips
August 20, 2014

Get Cooking with a Clean, Crisp Yellow

Cassey Writes: I need help choosing a yellow for my kitchen that is cheerful but not overpowering but not too bland.....Any suggestions? I want a beautiful color to go against white cabinets. See Answer From Erika Ward »
Categories: Color, Kitchens
August 20, 2014

Choosing Paint for a Small Bathroom

Janice Writes: Hi, I need to repaint my boys’ bathroom. When you walk in the room there is a white vanity with a black granite countertop with some speckles of blue. A small wall separates the shower area and the shower tiles and floor tiles are brown. I am trying to find one color to use in the small bathroom that will all blend well together.  See Answer From Melissa Michaels »
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