January 12, 2015

Picking a Color To Paint an Entertainment Center

Ashley Writes: Hello! We recently bought a new bedroom set for the master bedroom and woud like to turn the old dresser into an entertainment center. We have figured out all the details except for what color to paint it. Our walls in the living room are beige with white trim. Our sectional is a chocolate brown and we have burgundy curtains and pillows. The old entertainment center is black. Would a burgundy entertainment center be too dark? There are two windows in the living room. We are new to decorating our first home and are open to any suggestions. Thank you! See Answer From Diane Henkler »
January 12, 2015

When its crowded, go with white.

lost in the bathroom Writes: I am redecorating my bathroom. I am on a strict budget, so current fixtures are remaining the same - I'm simply painting the walls and ceiling. The vanity, medicine cabinet, baseboards, and door are a dark cherry wood color. The decor is bamboo, with green and cream colors. I would like a bamboo green paint color, with some lavender, as well. But, I'm at a loss as to whether the walls should be green or lavender, and which color to paint the ceiling. It is not a large bathroom; and there is really only one wall that will be solid color. Any suggestions? See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »
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November 10, 2014

Paint the Back of Your Built-Ins for Instant Pop

Mary Writes: My living room walls are a light coffee color and there is a built-in bookcase (which is currently white), but needs some color to pop. What would you suggest for paint color? The floors are hardwood, and the trim in the room is also white.  See Answer From Stefanie Schiada »
November 5, 2014

Repainting Over a Dark Paint Color

Kim Writes: My kitchen is a very dark green, but I want to paint it Frosted Pine. Do I need to do more than one coat? Will one coat cover up the dark green?   See Answer From Lindsay Ballard »
November 3, 2014

Anything Goes

Suzette Writes: I was wondering if you have some paint color suggestions for my home office. It has no natural lighting and a stone accent wall. My husband is saying gray and I'm thinking neutral or earthy tones, but we?re not really sure which shade to go with. There will also be wood laminated flooring. Thank you! See Answer From Kate Riley »
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November 3, 2014

Going Green

Peggy Writes: I have a 1910 farmhouse, with the original mahogany woodwork (which I do not want to paint). I do plan, however, on painting the living room and dining room this winter.  The dining room has one large window and the living room has two large windows. The floors are maple.  I would like to paint these two rooms a rich green but not too dark. The rooms get a fair amount of light, though the very large windows face north.  Do you have any advice on paint colors? All the photos I see with green rooms have white woodwork.    Thank you in advance for any advice. See Answer From Michael Wurm Jr »