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Never Boring Beige

Sally wrote:

I have an open concept living floor. My kitchen is Frosted Pine by Glidden with brown granite counter tops. I love the color in the kitchen but I have no idea what color to paint the rest of the room. What color goes well with Frosted Pine that isn't too boring or beige and isn't so dark?

Erika answered:

Hi Sally,

Well done, I agree that you are headed in the right direction in using colors from nature. You’re not afraid of color and have taken the plunge with Frosted Pine. Feel free to use a little restraint in the neighboring room, especially because you have an open floor plan. Using a single color on the adjacent walls will create a cohesive feeling and will make the room feel like a larger space and not like a choppy studio.  I have to confess; beige is never boring especially when you use fabrics, furnishings, and accessories to inject the room with pattern and color. Considering pulling a lighter shade of brown (think tan) from your countertops to use as a wall color. Take a look at Glidden’s Soft Suede. It’s got lovely warmth and slight green undertones that will pair well with the Frosted Pine kitchen. Read More >>

Teen Bedroom Transformation


    Teen bedroom ideas? My sister and I share a room and we both have different tastes. She likes soft colors and I like more vibrant colors. We were thinking coral, soft yellow, or blue. I also like green. I want a color that stands out, but she doesnt want something that will jump out at her or give her a headache. We agreed that the room should have a spring theme. There's also lots of posters and pictures on the walls. We have a pink desk and chair. We were thinking about painting our white chest of drawers a color that would match the theme. Please answer if you can. Thanks! :)

See answer from Lindsay Ballard >>
Categories: Bedrooms, Color

Making Beautiful Music


My husband and I recently bought our first house and it's quite large. We're taking it a room at a time, but I need to get my piano room done first and stay within budget. I don't know what colors to use (it's currently a faint beige color from previous owner). I want to go with relaxing tones with cream or white furniture but if I'm having students in and out daily I'm afraid it would get dirty. I also want it to be an elegant room when I'm not teaching, a place for my husband and I to relax and share with guests.

The couch I have now is SO ugly, but it was a cheap buy from Craigslist. I have nothing on the walls because anything I put up will affect the sound of the piano so I have to be careful and strategic about it. I wanted to get a big rug but they are so expensive so I purchased cups to go under the piano to protect the floor. I have no clue where to go next with this room, I’m so overwhelmed! Any advice for decorating around this massive beautiful piece of furniture?

See answer from Nicole Balch >>
Categories: Color

Yellow Tones


Good Morning! 

I am working on a sewing room and wanted to go with some color. However the color I chose (Toasted Coconut) is not working for me. I only have half of one wall painted but knew the instant I rolled the first of the paint that it didn’t work for the space. My room is 17' x 9'6, with one window.  Could you please give me a little help with the best color choice or a couple of ideas that you think may work? My room will be very organized but at the same time will be very full and busy! I feel the color that I chose closes the room in. 

Thank you, 


See answer from Kate Riley >>
Categories: Color

Dusty Miller



I have a split entry home and I’m trying to find a color for the tall wall that compliments Dusty Miller. Any complimentary colors you would suggest?

Thank you!

See answer from Stefanie Schiada >>
Categories: Color

Open Concept Confusion



I am in the process of remodeling my home, and need some advice. I am going to have an open concept - My living room, dining room & kitchen will all connect to form one huge room. My question is, can I/should I choose different color paints or stick with one color? Should my hallway color coordinate, or be the exact same color as the open room?



Please help!

See answer from Diane Henkler >>
Categories: Painting Tips
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