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A Mature Makeover

Robbie wrote:

I want to redo my daughters room now that she is a junior in college.  Give it a more mature feel to match her age.  It's a bright green room from ceiling to floor.  I was thinking of adding a white ceiling, but not sure what else to do? Stripes? Chevron? I don't want to change the entire room, but maybe add to what the base color is.

It is a large room with dresser, nightstand, bed, desk, & plenty of space. I don't want to change the window treatment, which is a white background with black, green, browns in it.  

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Kate answered:

Hello Robbie, it sounds like you’ve already established a cheerful palette with the bright green paint. Yes, painting the ceiling may change the look but it’s not necessary. If anything, look to adding more sophisticated touches in the form of bedding, lamps, and accessories playing off the window panels that exist. Also consider accents in bright pops of turquoise blue, a color that plays well with its neighbor green.Read More >>

Categories: Bedrooms, Color

A Brighter White


I am getting ready to update our basement which is one very large room.  The only obstacle I face is that everything is blue from the walls to the carpet.  The carpet is not an option of changing because it is in such good shape and would be too expensive to change out at this time.  It is a blue and white berber.  I am leaning toward the colors of Nautical Blue and Vanilla Shake for the walls and would like your opinion on my selections.  There are several large windows and a door so the room has a large amount of natural light.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  Thank you.

See answer from Melissa Michaels >>
Categories: Color, Dens

Painting a Home to Sell


We have a "hill country" style home in Texas with all walnut stained trim, no white anywhere.  We are preparing to sell our home and were wondering what neutral color you would suggest.  Our home tends to be very dark inside with not a lot of natural light.  Wanting an all-around good color that would be appealing to buyers. 

See answer from Eduardo Rodriguez >>

Matching with Cherry Wood


I have a small guest room with cherry wood furniture with black and white accent pieces. I was wondering what color would work for paint? The room also has double windows.

See answer from Nicole Balch >>
Categories: Bedrooms, Color

Many Shades of Gray


I can't decide which shade of grey to paint our master bedroom and what shade to paint our bath.  The trim is white and the hardwood floors are a medium colored oak.  I want it to transition nicely into our bathroom which has a natural stone beige tile shower, light tan floor and granite countertop with browns and blacks of various shades.   The bedroom is roughly 250 sq ft with a large bay window so lots of natural light.  I tried Valspar Cathedral and did not like it. Any suggestions?

See answer from Stefanie Schiada >>
Categories: Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Color

Brightening Up a Room


What color should I paint my living room?  I have olive green furniture with burgundy curtains and dark hardwood floors.  Right now it is yellow and I'm sick of it.   It has a big bow window but we have a covered porch so the room is typically dark.

See answer from Michael Wurm Jr >>
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