October 22, 2014

Cabinets in Camouflage

Theresa Writes: I am building a sewing/quilt studio.  It is rather small - about 12 x28 ft. I thought I would paint the walls Glidden Cool Cucumber or a similar shade. What other colors for the cabinets and trim would you suggest? Since this room is so small, I would like to make it look larger.     See Answer From Erika Ward »
October 1, 2014

A Change of Color

Kristi Writes: I recently painted my great room Tawny Birch and have one accent wall painted Honey Beige. My furniture is dark wood. The accent wall features a large, dark wood shelf unit. My living room includes one large window and a sliding glass door. I'm also looking for window coverings for both. I am interested in changing the color palette of my living room and kitchen. What colors would complement these paint colors? Thank you!  See Answer From Michael Wurm Jr »
October 1, 2014

An Update for a Room with Cream Shelves

Rachelle Writes: I am in a funk! My room has cream shelves but I wanted to paint the room white – wouldn’t that look funny with the cream? I need some advice on what color to paint my room.   Another problem I have is my room is very small but I want to add furniture to it. How do I do that and still keep the room looking nice and open? See Answer From Nicole Balch »
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September 24, 2014

Adding a Wall of Color

Barbara Writes: I have just bought a dark chocolate colored couch and loveseat, and my curtains are a maroon color. I would like to color one wall a dark color and I’m not sure what color to go with..the walls are currently painted eggshell white. Thanks! See Answer From Michael Wurm Jr »
September 8, 2014

Try Herbal Hues for a Calmer Kitchen

Cynita Writes: I want to paint my kitchen in a soothing green, and my cabinet are dark and counter tops are earth toned.  My appliances are stainless steel and the backsplash has browns and tans. Greens are very difficult, and I don’t want a bright lime color, so what is a good choice? See Answer From Erika Ward »
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September 8, 2014

Painting Trim for a Victorian Italianate Home

Myrna Writes: Painting trim for an 1882 Victorian Italianate home. The new siding will be dark tan, and there are no shutters. I think I want a Red Delicious door, but what other warm colors would go with the brown siding and red door?  See Answer From Eduardo Rodriguez »
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