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Getting Light Right

Fay wrote:

I have a mountain cabin that's being completely redone due to water damage and then sold.  I want light neutral walls and trim in 'popular' colors.  I thought about antique beige (walls) and crisp linen white (trim) or eloquent ivory (walls) and parchment white (trim), but the ivory looks far yellower on your web site than the paint chip. The rooms are small so I’d like them to look larger.  Flooring will be a mix of carpet, wood, ceramic and all would blend with beige/cream colors.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

Kate answered:

So sorry to read about the water damage Fay, but how exciting to be giving the cabin a fresh new look. You’re on the right track, both of your choices for light neutral paint colors combinations are good ones. Rather than looking solely at the website (monitors can be different) for making your neutral color choices, head down to your local Glidden stockiest and grab some small samples of those cream and white paints in those colors you mentioned. Also consider a soft gray such as Oyster Shell, pale gray is very popular right now and will complement your flooring choices. Be sure to try the samples on the walls and trim and watch how they change in different light and in different locations to get it right.Read More >>

Porch Panache


The color of my house is cottage creme and my shutters are dark green and I am looking for a color to paint my porch to compliment these colors. The porch is wood and never been painted. What colors would you recommend? 

See answer from Kate Riley >>
Categories: Color, Painting Tips

Get Cooking with a Clean, Crisp Yellow


I need help choosing a yellow for my kitchen that is cheerful but not overpowering but not too bland.....Any suggestions? I want a beautiful color to go against white cabinets.

See answer from Erika Ward >>
Categories: Color, Kitchens

Choosing Paint for a Small Bathroom


Hi, I need to repaint my boys’ bathroom. When you walk in the room there is a white vanity with a black granite countertop with some speckles of blue. A small wall separates the shower area and the shower tiles and floor tiles are brown. I am trying to find one color to use in the small bathroom that will all blend well together. 

See answer from Melissa Michaels >>
Categories: Bathrooms, Color

Lightening Up Wood Paneling


I am going to paint the paneling in my living room.  The paneling was installed in the 80's and is a good quality, medium brown color.  However, I want an upgrade and to lighten the space some.  My furniture (which I won't be replacing) consists of a light beige recliner, burgundy leather sofa and love seat with a beige slipcover that also has a burgundy floral pattern on it.  Side tables are dark brown/burgundy wood.  Any suggestions?

See answer from Melissa Michaels >>

Pale Staining Options


I plan on doing my future bedroom lavender, gray, and maybe some silverish colors but I have an old dresser that I stripped the paint off of and I'm not sure what color to stain it. Do you have any suggestions?

See answer from Stefanie Schiada >>
Categories: Color, Painting Tips
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